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1.Woman’s Work for Peace: On Baroness von Suttner’s 70th Birthday by One Who Knows Her.’ (1913) found in scrapbook owned by Priscilla Peckover - owned by the Peace Palace Library in The Hague.

2. 'A Palm of Peace from German Soil' A Review of 'Lay Down Your Arms' from the International Journal of Ethics (1892)
Fanny Hertz

3. About von Suttner's U.S. tour in 1904 (which included a visit to Swarthmore at the time that Alice Paul was a student) from the Friends' Intelligencer (1904)

The Baroness von Suttner (article from 'The Outlook') (1906)
Hayne Davis
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Letter from William Stead to Bertha von Suttner, seeking advice about how to publicize the results of the 1899 Hague Peace Conference. Item can be found within Stead's activities concerning the 1899 Hague Peace Conference here.



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The subscription only Gerritsen Collection of Aletta Jacobs has numerous articles on Bertha von Suttner in German. A few are in English. A free trial of the database can be arranged if your library subscribes to a ProQuest database. In rare cases, a trial will be set up for an individual. Click here for more information. The Gerritsen Collection is the greatest single source for women's history in the world.

ARTICLES (online access may require fee to relevant subscription service)

1. Bertha von Suttner and the Peace Movement in Austria to World War I
Author: Richard Laurence
Austrian History Yearbook, Vol. 23 (Jan. 1992), pp. 181-201

Biographical Notes on Bertha von Suttner
Irwin Abrams (1991)

3. Bertha von Suttner as Author: The Harriet Beecher Stowe of the Peace Movement
Author: Regina Braker
Peace & Change, Vol. 16, No. 1 (Jan. 1991), pp. 74-96

Towards a Bertha von Suttner Peace Museum
Author: Peter van den Dungen
Chapter from "Bertha von Suttner, "Die Waffen nieder" (edited by Johann Georg Lughofer) 2010.

Declaring War on War: Bertha von Suttner and the Peace Movement
Author: Jutta Landa
The European Legacy, Vol. 1, Issue 3 (1996), pp. 921-926.

Across a Feminist-Pacifist Divide: Baroness Bertha von Suttner's Tour of the United States in 1912.
Author: Laurie Cohen
L'Homme, Vol. 2, Issue 2 (2009), pp 85-104

(R)Evolution: From Edelleute to Edelmenschen – Bertha von Suttner’s Pathway to Peace
Author: Helen G. Morris-Keitel
Seminar: A Journal of Germanic Studies, Vol. 50, No. 1 (2014), pp. 34-50

Bertha von Suttner: A Prototypical European Writer
Author: JG Lughofer
Journal for Linguistic and Literary Studies, Issue 9 (2009)
pp. 186-209

Thedore Herzl and Bertha von Suttner: Criticism, Collaboration and Utopianism
Author: Alan T. Levenson
The Journal of Israeli History, vol. 15, no. 2 (1994) pp. 213-222.

Bertha von Suttner and the First International Peace Conference at the Hague (1899)
Author: Annemarie van Heerikhuizen (Special english translation by the author for The Bertha von Suttner Project in 2014); originally published in Dutch in Working Papers, European Studies, University of Amsterdam (nr. 6, 2007). Download the original dutch article here.


1. Address to the June, 1899 London Meeting of the International Council of Women (read by Mrs. M.P. Byles as von Suttner was in The Hague at the time)
Author: Bertha von Suttner

2. Universal Peace: From a Woman's Standpoint
Author: Bertha von Suttner
The North American Review, Vol. 169, No. 512 (Jul., 1899), pp. 50-61

3. Present Status and Prospects of the Peace Movement
Author: Bertha von Suttner
The North American Review, Vol. 171, No. 528 (Jul., 1899), pp. 653-663.

4. Slow Evolution (1900)
Author: Bertha von Suttner
La Fronde, Paris, October 6

Introduction of Bertha von Suttner by Benjamin F. Trueblood & her address to 13th Meeting of the Universal Peace Congress,Boston (1904)
Author: Bertha von Suttner

6. Another address to the 13th Meeting of the Universal Peace Congress in Boston (1904)
Author: Bertha von Suttner

Address to the International Council of Women in Berlin (in German) (1904)

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8. How I Wrote 'Lay Down Your Arms' (1906)
Author: Bertha von Suttner

9. "Evolution of the Peace Movement" (Nobel Peace Prize Acceptance Speech) (1906)
Author: Bertha von Suttner

10. Peace and Pacifism (1907)
Author: Bertha von Suttner
From Review of Internationalism, Leipzig, June 1907.

11. Address to International Peace Congress, London (1908)
Author: Bertha von Suttner

12.What Universal Peace Really Means (1909)
Author: Bertha von Suttner
From The Lincoln County Leader

13. Women & International Peace (1910)
Author: Bertha von Suttner

14. Speech to Pacifists in San Francisco (1912)
Author: Bertha von Suttner

15. Address to Club Women in San Francisco (1912)
Author: Bertha von Suttner

16. Address to the U.S. National Education Association(1912)
Author: Bertha von Suttner

17. Forward to Lucia Ames Mead's "Swords & Plowshares"(1912)
Author: Bertha von Suttner

18. Why We are Not Discouraged (1912)
Author: Bertha von Suttner
From The Peace Movement (Journal of the International Peace Bureau)



1. Lay Down Your Arms! (Die Waffen Nieder!) (1889)


2. Bertha von Suttner's Memoirs, "The Records of an Eventful Life" (published in 1910)

Volume 1 here
Volume 2